Buricuja Oil is a natural, cold-pressed plant-oil of high pureness. It nourishes the skin and supports the detoxication of the skin. Buricuja Oil enhances together with a stimulating massage the water and fat balance of the skin thus strengthening the immune system.

Buricuja Oil generates a warm and pleasant feeling and smells of fresh vanilla.

After a shower or a bath, ideally with the Curapaçao Oil-Cream Bath, Buricuja Oil is applied on the body skin with a gentle massage.

Buricuja Oil can be applied on the dry or wet skin immediately after the shower. Dry skin suffering from a lack of moisture should be treated with the oil without wiping of the water. Fat-dry, scaly skin should be always clean and dry before applying Buricuja Oil.

Areas of application:
- for detoxication of the skin
- for vitalizing tired skin
- for strengthening the immune system

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