Tissue Regulator is a gel concentrate that works against cellulite, couperose skin, stretch marks (striae) and rosacea. Tissue Regulator reduces dimpled skin and firm skin at the same time. It reduces stretch marks and minimizes dilated capillaries. Tissue Regulator can be applied on problem zone and/or all over face and body. The gel is quickly absorbed by the skin, exuding a soft scent of chocolate. 

How to apply:

Gently massage Tissue Regulator in the morning and evening on affected area.

Areas of Application:

· Cellulite skin

· Striae (stretch marks)

· Spider veins

· Visible capillaries on breast and back of body.

· Wobbly upper arms.

· Couperose skin

· Rosacea

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Tissue Regulator - 30ml- Face and Body Gel *POPULAR*

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