Hyaluron Filler is a milky emulsion that fills up wrinkles on the surface. A dermal filler that has immediate visible smoothening effect on skin.

Hyaluron Filler also works as a long-term moisturizer and facilitates moisture retention skin deep and it is free from preservation. 

How to apply:

Hyaluron Filler can be applied in both ways:

1. Apply Hyaluron Filler after cleansing and toning, well before applying other creams.

Roll Hyaluron Filler generously on skin, then tap emulsion gently on skin; moving from the inside to the outside. Leave on skin for about 2 minutes and then continue with daily cream.

 2. For deep wrinkles, especially around eyes, apply Hyaluron Filler locally once again on top of daily cream and follow instruction of application as described above in point 1.

 Important note:

Hyaluron Filler contains high doses of active serum, for thin, sensitive skin and skin prone to allergy, it is recommended to mix Hyaluron Filler with the usual daily care cream or apply only after the usual daily care products. 

Areas of application:

· Anti-aging for the whole face area

· Eyes wrinkles and crowfeet

· Expression lines

· Tired expressions

· Intensive skin moisturizing

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Hyaluron Filler - 15ml - Facial Cream

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