Ivory Whitening is a special cream for a lucent skin, with immediate “softening sign”-effect.

Ivory Whitening provides an effective and safe way to achieve lighter color skin. It reduces age spots and pigmentation with triple active components.

1)         Tyrosinase Inhibition (reduces the production of Melanin)

2)         Immediate visible “softening sign”-effect ( skin shows an opal matt effect)

3)         Basically slows down the process of melanogenesis (leads to a gradual and distinctively lighter color skin)

Ivory Whitening is non-poisonous and it is suitable for permanent application. Ivory Whitening is not a sunblock.

 Ivory Whitening can be used in combination with our other creams when required. Always apply the standard cream first, after a residence time of at least 5 minutes, apply Ivory Whitening over it.

 How to apply:

Gently massage Ivory Whitening daily on cleansed skin, alternatively when used with other preparation; Ivory Whitening should be applied 5 minutes later after other creams.

Areas of application:

· Color skin. (Asian, African and South European origins)

· Age spots

· Hyperpigmentation

· Light color skin with uneven skin ton

· Pigmented scar.

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Ivory Whitening - 50ml - Facial Cream *discounted*

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