Cool-Fresh Oil is a natural, cold-pressed plant-oil of high pureness. It nourishes the skin and supports the detoxication of the skin.

Cool-Fresh Oil is used to stimulate and refresh the tired, loose skin. It enhances the blood circulation in the skin and the fresh smell of exotic passion fruit stimulates all senses.

After a shower or a bath, ideally with the Curapaçao Oil-Cream Bath, Cool-Fresh Oil is applied on the body skin with a gentle massage.

Cool-Fresh Oil can be applied on the dry or wet skin immediately after the shower. Dry skin suffering from a lack of moisture should be treated with the oil without wiping of the water. Fat-dry, scaly skin should be always clean and dry before applying Cool-Fresh Oil.

Areas of application:
- for detoxication of the skin
- for vitalizing tired, loose skin
- for enhancing the blood circulation in the skin

Cool-Fresh Öl 110ml

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