Tropic Scrub is an exotic Gourmet-Peeling for the skin and body - made of pure peeling-particles from plants. The scrubbing seeds derive from the skin of the coconuts and also from the seeds of the passion fruits, both fruits coming from the Amazonas rainforest.

Tropic Scrub free the skin from old, flaky callous, removing gently the inactive skin cells. Immediate Results: The complexion appears finer and the skin feels clean, pore depth.

Tropic Scrub prepares the skin for other skin care products, enabling the skin to be fully receptive to other skin care products.

Tropic Scrub is as easy to use as a cream. The skin should be cleansed first, message Tropic Scrub gently on the skin for about 6 minutes and remove it with plenty of water. Avoid contact with the eyes!

Areas of application:
- suitable for all skin types and for all ages

Tropic Scrub 150ml

  • $12.98