Celin Rich Vitamin Cream is a water-in-oil rich emulsion. Their extensive care property offers a wide range of application possibilities and caters to the needs of different skin types. 

Celin Rich Vitamin Cream contains liposome-encapsulated vitamin A, C and E, which forms a well-balanced care complex, against early skin aging process, as a result of environmental influences and represses inflammation process.

Celin Rich Vitamin Cream improves skin condition and regulates skin cell activities.

 How to apply:


Gently massage Celin Rich Vitamin Cream on well cleansed skin in the morning and/or evening. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.


Areas of Application:

• Impure skin

• Scars

• Mineral oil damaged skin

• Sebum disorder

• Sun damaged skin

• Keratosis

Celin Rich Vitamin Cream - 50ml - Facial Cream

  • $16.99