Concentrate AB is a vitamin serum used for treatment on scarred tissues and damaged skin. Malfunction of skin on scarred tissues and damaged skin are usually lack of moisture and lipid. 

One of the active ingredients in Concentrate AB is penthenol, this ingredient  is transformed to pantothenic acid on skin, which is an inevitable substance for the normal function of skin tissue; penthenol penetrates skin deep and binds moisture together. Concentrate AB also contains allantoin, it softens callous and smoothens skin surface and supports skin healing process.

How to apply:

Massage Concentrate AB gently on well cleansed skin in the morning/evening.

Areas of application:

· Closed peristaltic skin irritation

· Scars

· Cornification

· Rough skin areas

· Keloid

Concentrate AB - 3x4ml - Facial Serum

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